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Angelo Brocato's:
Frequently Asked Questions

What is unique about Italian - and specifically Sicilian - desserts?

Italian cooking and baking is very regionalized. Sicilian cuisine, in which Brocato's specializes, varies from town to town. Also the nations which occupied Sicily at various times in its history have all left their mark on its cooking. So authentic Sicilian confections have Arabic, Greek and French overtones in addition to traditional Italian influences.

Why aren't Italian cookies chewy?

Italian cookies are for dipping into wine or coffee and are meant to complement those drinks. That is why they are not chewy and sweet. The dry consistency of the cookies as well as the nuts and preserved fruit usually baked in them, helped to extend their shelf life in times when refrigeration was not available.

What is the difference between ice cream and gelato?

Gelato, Italian for ice cream, differs from American Ice Cream. Our gelato is produced using a custard-based mixture with less milk fat than American Ice Cream. It is also churned very slowly so it has less air, creating a dense product with a pronounced flavor.

Why do you fill cannolis fresh-to-order?

We fill our cannolis when you order them in order preserve the crispness of the shell. The moisture from the ricotta cheese softens the shell over time, so when we fill the shells just before you eat them, you are experiencing the crispest shell possible!

Can you eat the cannoli even if the shell has softened? Of course! As a matter of fact, some people prefer the shell to be a little softer. It's all a matter of taste!

I live on the Westbank/Northshore/in Lakeview/Metairie/Kenner/LaPlace
and it's hard for me to get to your Carrollton store! Help!

We deliver our products to stores around the metro New Orleans area every weekday, from Baton Rouge and Covington all the way to Belle Chasse! Click here to see a list of retail partners where we stock our products.

I purchased a Cannoli Kit, but I need advice on how to fill the shells! What should I do?

Our Cannoli Kit contains two pastry bags with our special chocolate and vanilla ricotta filling. To stuff the cannoli, simply snip the end of the pastry bag and squeeze vanilla into one side and chocolate into the other. Dip the ends in the pistachio nuts that we've sent and sprinkle the powdered sugar on top.

If you don't want to fill all of the cannoli shells at once, simply store the cream in the refrigerator and keep the shells in a cool, dry place. For the best results, keep the shells in something airtight, such as a Ziploc bag or a Tupperware container.

What types of wines and coffees do you recommend serving with Italian cookies?

Serve Marsala or any type of sweet wine or cappuccino or espresso coffee.

I am cooking a formal dinner and want to include something very special for dessert. Could you suggest an Italian dessert for my menu?

You may find it helpful to look through our Whole Cakes and Cannoli pages. We also offer miniature pastries that are great for parties.

For truly special occasions, Tira Mi Su cake, Sicilian Cassata cake or Zuppa Inglese would all be excellent choices.

Tira Mi Su cake is created by brushing layers of sponge cake with espresso coffee and rum. It has a mascarpone cheese filling and the entire cake is dusted with cocoa powder. (Mascarpone cheese is a sweet and buttery Italian version of cream cheese.)

Sicilian Cassata cake is circular with the cake surrounding a ricotta cheese filling. It is iced with marzipan and decorated with candied fruits.

Zuppa Inglese is a dessert made of layers of sponge cake with chocolate and vanilla custard and fruit between the layers. The entire cake is covered with run flavored whipped cream.

You can also give us a call to find out about our seasonal offerings. Depending on the time of year, we may be making Lemon Buttermilk Tart, Torta Ricotta or Torta Fragola.

If you have questions about specific products, look through our menu pages.

If you can't find what you're looking for, get in touch.

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